Wednesday, October 22

My first product review

I am so excited!

Why am I so excited?
Because I received 2 of these in the mail
What are they?
They are reusable bags made out of coffee burlap sacks from Rejavanate

Who sent them to me?
A marketing guy from Rejavanate

Why did he send them to me?
As a way for me to learn about the company, try out the bags, and write a review about them

How did he find me?
Through my articles on

How cool is that? Now you know why I am so excited!

I gave one of the bags to my boss for her to try out. (She was equally excited about getting the bag)

I am very excited (how many times could I possibly say excited in one post) about trying out my new bag and about writing my first product review!

I am really hoping that this will be the start of something...
(like maybe getting to write a review of an organic spa....hey, it could happen)

Go Green: Use a rake instead of a leaf blower

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