Sunday, March 23

Reduce. Reuse, Recycle.

What are your 3 Rs?

Friday, May 6 
Reduce: Reduce the amount of cheap, disposable, made-in-China, plastic toys
Reuse: Reuse crayons
Recycle: Recycle your flip-flops at Old Navy 

Friday, April 29 
Reduce: Reduce your plastic bag usage
Reuse: Reuse plastic bags
Recycle: Purchase items made from recycled materials

Friday, April 22
Reduce: Reduce your Ziploc bag usage
 Reuse: Reuse plastic bread bags and their twist ties
Recycle: Recycle your packing materials at The UPS Store 

Friday, April 15
Reduce: Reduce the amount of gas you use

Reuse: Reuse paper
Recycle: Recycle your child’s outgrown carseat @ Car Seat Recycling at Legacy Emanuel  

 Friday, April 8
Reduce: Reduce your paper waste by using reusable napkins
Reuse: Crochet your plastic bags into a bag-of-bags 
Recycle: Purchase items that can be recycled

Friday, April 1
Reduce: Reduce new little league purchases by buying from play-it-again sports stores.
Reuse: Reuse wine bottle for garden walls
Recycle: Recycle Method refill containers by sending them to TerraCycle

Friday, October 30
Reduce: Reduce the amount of chemicals your baby ingests by making your own baby food using organic fruits and veggies.
Reuse: Reuse your jack-o-lantern to make pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie.
Recycle: Recycle your gently used household items with a local charity.
If you live in the Portland Oregon area you can donate many items at

Friday, October 23
Reduce: Reduce air pollution and energy usage by raking fallen leaves instead of using a leaf blower
Reuse: Reuse leaves as mulch material.
Recycle: Recycle the pumpkin seeds from your craved Jack-o-Lantern into next year's pumpkin.

October 16, 2009
Reduce: Reduce the number of trash bags by not using a trash bags in all of your garbage cans.
Reuse: Reuse pumpkin seeds as bird food.
Recycle: Recycle plant clippings into new plants.

October 9, 2009 Reduce: Reduce the number of plastic bottled water you drink by drinking tap water (filtered if you like) out of a glass while you are at home and at work. Fill up a reusable container when you are on the road.
Reuse: Reuse bath towels, both at home and at hotels.
Recycle: Recycle your old eyeglasses with the Lion's Club.

Friday, October 2
Reduce: Reduce the environmental impact of your Halloween by shopping at thrift stores for costumes, candy buckets, and decorations.
Reuse: Reuse Halloween costumes from the past.
Recycle: Recycle a cardboard box into a Halloween costume

Friday, September 25
Reduce: Reduce your indoor air pollution by burning soy based candles instead of parafin based candles
Reuse: Reuse tooth brushes for cleaning brushes
Recycle: Recycle your dryer lint into rich soil by composting your dryer lint!

Friday, September 18
Reduce: Reduce your battery waste by buying reusable/rechargeable batteries
Reuse: Reuse newspapers and corrugated cardboard under mulch as a biodegradable weed suppressant
Recycle: Recycle lumber, trim, siding, windows, mirrors, doors, fencing, cabinets, tubs, sinks, and much much more with a rebuilding center or with Habitat for Humanity Restore

Friday, September 11
Reduce: Reduce the amount of resources used by repairing items instead of discarding and buying new.
Reuse: Reuse worn out jeans to make patches.
Recycle: Recycle batteries. Don’t throw them in the garbage.

Friday, September 4
Reduce: Reduce your receipt of phone books via
Reuse: Reuse bread bags and twist ties.
Recycle: Recycle wine corks into trivet. Click here to learn how.

Friday, August 28
Reduce: Reduce your garbage can’s smells by sprinkling baking powder inside them.
Reuse: Reuse text books. Buy, sell, trade your text books and lab supplies with others.
Recycle: Recycle your magazines by giving them to someone else to enjoy.

Friday, August 21
Reduce: Reduce = finding ways to decrease the amount of garbage we throw away.
Reuse: Reuse = finding ways to use things over and over again rather than throwing them away.
Recycle: Recycle = taking something old and turning it into something new!

Friday, August 14
Reduce: Reduce your water waste by not washing your car yourself.
Reuse: Reuse everything! After an item has served its original purpose challenge yourself to find a way to use it again before you recycle it, compost it, or discard it.
Recycle: Recycle outgrown baby clothes, furniture and toys at

Friday, August 7
Reduce: Reduce your consumption of residual pesticides by eating organic and natural foods (especially fruits and veggies)
Reuse: Reuse pots, pans, and silverware for camping.
Recycle: Recycle your used cookware (any brand, any condition) via the Calphalon ReNew program.
Friday, July 31
Reduce: Reduce water waste by turning the water off when you brush your teeth and shave.
Reuse: Reuse glass jars as “Tupperware”
Recycle: Recycle your child’s favorite t-shirt into a favorite pillow.

Friday, July 24
Reduce: Reduce your books environmental impact by checking books out from the library.
Reuse: Reuse plastic fruit baskets.
Recycle: Recycle packing peanuts at your local UPS Store

Friday, July 17
Reduce: Reduce your consumption of residual hormones, chemicals, antibiotics, & pesticides by drinking organic milk.
Reuse: Reuse “handles” from cupboards, drawers, old furniture, etc to make a coat/purse/bag holder: Creating Pretty Hooks for your coats and bags
Recycle: Recycle your gently used blankets, books, and stuffed animals with your local police department

Friday, July 10
Reduce: Reduce your pedicure waste.
Reuse: Reuse birthday candles.
Recycle: Recycle #5 plastics via the Preserve Gimme 5 program.

Friday, July 3
Reduce: Reduce the amount of fruit you throw away by using it to make dishes like banana bread and fruit tarts.
Reuse: Reuse popsicle sticks as markers in your garden.
Recycle: Recycle hangers and dry cleaner bags back to the dry cleaner

Friday, June 26
Reduce: Reduce your post-it note usage.
Reuse: Reuse hair and dryer lint for composting material.
Recycle: Recycle ink and toner cartridges at OfficeMax.

Friday, June 19
Reduce: Reduce your plastic bag usage
Reuse: Reuse Plastic Bags
Recycle: Recycle Plastic Bags

Friday, June 12
Reduce: Reduce your coffee’s environmental impact:
Reuse: Reuse Water
Recycle: Recycle your jeans with From Blue to Green

Friday, June 5
Reduce: Reduce your appointment card waste.
Reuse: List your cardboard boxes with
Recycle: Recycle used tennis balls through

Friday, May 29
Reduce: Reduce your dental visit waste
Reuse: Reuse used paper for scratch paper
Recycle: Recycle your household items via a recycling center or curbside recycling

Friday, May 22
Reduce: Reduce your laundry’s environmental impact
Reuse: Reuse tennis balls
Recycle: Recycle used eyeglasses, both adult and children’s glasses, at Lions Recycle for Sight

Friday, May 15
Reduce: Reduce your Fast Food Waste
Reuse: Reuse Restaurant Crayons
Recycle: Recycle Crayons with National Crayon Recycling Program

Friday, May 8
Reduce: Reduce the amount of waste you generate by using reusable instead of disposable
Reuse: Reuse potting containers
Recycle: Recycle your gift cards via mail at Earthworks!

Friday, May 1
Reduce: Reduce packaging waste
Reuse: Reuse bread bags
Recycle: Recycle your CFL lights at Home Depot
Bonus: Paper Back Swap

Friday, April 24
Reduce: Reduce birthday party paper waste
Reuse: Reuse items you have to wrap a gift
Recycle: Don't throw your Crocs away; Recycle them at SolesUnited!

Friday, April 17
Reduce: Reduce the amount of garbage
Reuse: Reuse yogurt containers
Recycle: Send your “garbage” to Terracycle

Friday, April 10
Reduce: Reduce your printing waste
Reuse: Reuse file folders
Recycle: Recycle movie tickets by printing them instead of buying them.

Reduce: Reduce your disposable napkin usage
Reuse: Reuse shampoo bottles
Recycle: Consider other uses before recycling

Friday, March 27
Reduce: Reduce your electric bill
Reuse: Reuse Easter items
Recycle: Recycle your wine corks

Friday, March 20
Reduce: Reduce plastic water bottle waste
Reuse: Reuse toothbrushes
Recycle: Recycle your yoga mats at

Friday, March 13
Reduce: Reduce the amount of gas you use
Reuse: Reuse paper
Recycle: Recycle your child’s outgrown car seat

Friday, March 6
Reduce: Reduce your indoor air pollution
Reuse: Reuse hubby’s razors
Recycle: Recycle used athletic shoes through Reuse-a-Shoe

Friday, February 27
Reduce: Reduce your usage of plastic and paper bags
Reuse: Reuse your coffee grounds
Recycle: Buy recycled

Friday, February 20
Reduce: Reduce you coffee break waste
Reuse: Reuse glass jars for storage containers
Recycle: Recycle books

Friday, February 13
Reduce: Reduce your lunch time waste
Reuse: Reuse your Valentine box
Recycle: Recycle used athletic shoes

Friday, February 6
Reduce: Reduce your catalog waste
Reuse: Reuse gift bags
Recycle: Recycle at


Nicole Feliciano said...

we are trying to remember to turn the water off when we brush. Thanks for the green reminder.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Your welcome Nicole. The little things really do add up.

Runka - Eco Friendly Products said...

Yes we should all join our hands together to save the natural resources and use them efficiently...