Monday, October 20

Some of my past BD posts

Flu shot season has arrived. Have you gotten your flu shot yet?

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Lisa Sharp said...

I like your posts. :) Though I was surprised about the flu shot one. Most of us greenies are anti-vaccines. But then again I'm a republican which is far more shocking haha!

Over Coffee said...

Thank you Lisa. I am really enjoying writing for BD.

If you were surprised about my flu shot post then you will probably be even more surprised by this...

I am actually a big advocate for vaccines. My "day" job is in the field of science. My degree is in Biology and I have worked in the BioPharma field for ~ 14 yrs.


I think it is kind of fun to learn these different things about people and how you have things in common with people that you might have thought you didn't.

Lisa Sharp said...

Wow, so I shouldn't tell you that I wouldn't get a flu shot even if I wasn't allergic to egg and I have chronic illnesses so I'm high risk lol. Or that I don't have my hep C (I think that is the right one) because I started homeschooling before that one became required by schools and I talked my husband out of getting it (he teaches).

I don't know for sure how I feel about vaccines as a whole. I think sometimes they should be used but I know I don't think everyone should have them...

My big thing with flu shots is it's rare that people know there are risks and that some people shouldn't get them. I'm always shocked when I hear parents of kids with egg allergies getting those kids flu shots. Or people getting them while they are sick.

Sometimes I think drug companies push vaccines to hard. Anyway lol. My real problems are all the toxic heavy metals in the shots....

So you said you will forgive me for being a Republican, what about an anti-vaccine (only semi lol) Republican? Is that forgivable?

Over Coffee said...

Totally "forgivable"! (Especially if you take me along to an organic spa giveaway) ;-)

I think that people should know the pros and cons of anything they give to their children.
When you complete the paperwork for getting the Flu Shot it asks (many times) things like having egg allergies and sicknesses. So parents should read all the information closely.

Given my background I personally think that the pros of getting vaccinated outweigh the cons but that is my opinion.

Can you forgive this pro-vaccination greenie?

Lisa Sharp said...

haha of course!