Sunday, November 23 Reusable Bag Review

This weekend I took my new reusable bag shopping.

I love the color and feel of this reusable bag. It is made from 100% organic cotton which makes it light, soft, & durable. The natural off-white color is very pleasing to the eye.

The only problem that I see with this color is that it might get dirty quicker. Since it is made from cotton, I don’t see why I couldn’t wash it though. I have been able to wash my other cotton bags without any problems so I am sure this one will be the same.

The dimensions of the bag (15" wide by 16.5" tall) make it great for larger items; like cereal boxes and oatmeal containers. Since it is a larger sized bag you have to be careful to not put too many items in it because it will get heavy. (Lesson learned the hard way when I put all my natural store purchases in it, luckily the straps are reinforced)

I also purchased a couple of board games this weekend and they fit perfectly into this larger bag.
Having used the bag for grocery and non-grocery shopping, my preference for this bag would be for non-grocery shopping trips. That is the great thing about having a variety of reusable bags on hand; they meet different needs!

At $6.00 this bag is very reasonable priced. not only sells reusable bags, they also sell a wide variety of green products. For home, work, leisure, & family; everything from bamboo clothing to organic bedding, games to stationery, furniture, and much much more. is a company that cares about the environment and the products it sells. "Our Green Standards: each product we sell is reviewed and rated in respect to its environmental impact. The four key areas that we look at are: 1). Source Material, 2). Manufacturing, 3). Usage, and 4). Disposal. We refer to these as the product Lifecycle. In this way, each product is rated from a 'cradle to grave' perspective."

Companies like that are worth supporting!

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Just Me said...

I will definitely have to check them out. Everything sounds great and we need to help any way we can.