Wednesday, November 26

Winner of act2 bag

Congrats to lewk!
"I was amazed to learn that they get all the bottles for the bags from Japan and then they are shipped (ocean freight) to Taiwan where it is then processed and spun into the fabric. The bags are sewn in China and then ocean shipped to Europe and North America. With all that traveling the carbon footprint is 1%. A virgin nylon bag produces twice the carbon footprint. Great company looking forward to the new lunch bags they are working on.ONE BILLION bottles a day are going into landfills, we need to get this under control!!!!!"

I will be contacting you for delivery of your new shoulder bag.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I hope that I introduced you to a great company and some great products. If you would like to purchase items from Act2 don't forget to use the discount code overcoffee to receive 20% off your final purchase price at Act2 Green Smart or at their affiliate store Green Place.

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

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