Tuesday, December 30

Beautiful Green Calendar Review

I wish I would have known about this company sooner because if I had, there would have been lots of people on my Christmas list receiving beautiful Asgard calendars.

I have never seen a calendar like this before! All Asgard calendars are produced with:

  • 100% recycled heavy weight stock paper
  • soy-based inks

but what makes Asgard calendars stand out from others is that each page is perforated and can be removed easily to fit any standard 11 x 14 frame.

You may be asking yourself why you would want to frame calendar pictures.
Well, if you are big college football fans like my family is then you would love to fill your room with these beautiful reproductions of actual souvenir game day program covers from more than 60 of the top football colleges across the country.

The quality of the pictures makes framing them a definite option (and one my son can’t wait to do with the OSU pictures from his calendar)

This is part of Asgard’s Green Mission: Sick of seeing all the waste from the millions of calendars produced, bought, and discarded each year, Asgard set a goal to create a series of calendars that people would think twice before throwing away at the end of the season.

I would say that they have succeeded!

If football is not "your thing" you may like Asgard’s Vintage DC Comic or Mad Magazine line; both are equally as “cool”.

Each of these calendars are 16 months (starting in Sept) which is also a nice feature.

Asgard’s oversized, eco-friendly calendars not only contain beautiful vintage pictures they are also filled with fun facts about the picture such as the score of the game and the history behind the comic book/magazine cover.

If you or someone you know is looking for a new calendar for 2009 I would highly recommend purchasing an Asgard calendar.
At $18.95, they are comparably priced to other calendars but with the added benefit of being "The Greenest Calendars on the Planet"


Just Me said...

I will definitely be buying some. They do look very cool and wow.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Glad you like them. They really are amazing. These pictures don't do them justice. Be sure to tell them where you heard about them!