Tuesday, December 2

Natural Pod Stacking Rings Review

If you are looking for natural toys that will spark a child's imagination and interest then I have found the toy store for you! Natural Pod began out of a parent’s desire to have beautiful, open-ended, natural toys for their own children and that is just what they have accomplished.

Usually I get all the fun of trying out new-to-me green products but not this time. This time my daughter joined in the fun with these Stacking Rings.

The rings are hand crafted from a combination of alder and western maple and finished with a blend of pure oils (no peanut oils so those children with peanut allergies can have fun too!)

I was surprised at how heavy they were but my 3 yr old daughter lugs them around like a champ.

I am not sure if it was the novelty of having a new toy or just the simple pleasure of this toy but these stacking blocks have kept her attention for days (a feature that all parents can appreciate)

The stacking rings also come in a fun multi colored version. The wood is colored with a non toxic water based dye so no lead based paint worries. (Another plus)

Natural Pod sells a wide range of wooden and natural toys for boys and girls alike. Musical instruments, trucks, cars, trains, kitchens, pots, tea sets, & cash registers (just to name a few).

Part of what draws me to a “green” company is the company itself and this one is no different. After all the recalls last year we’re big on toy safety too.... The core of our business mission is to support our children to enjoy toys that both nurture their imaginations and are respectful of the earth and her resources.
Read more about Natural Pod's Journey and browse their store. Trust me, neither you nor the children you are buying for, will be disappointed.

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