Sunday, November 29

Post from the past: Switching to LED Christmas Lights

This year we purchased LED lights for our Christmas tree.

The first thing I noticed is how bright the new lights are (our whole living room is aglow)

The second thing I noticed is that they don’t get hot.
This is a huge bonus. No more worrying about:
  • Ornaments being placed too close to the hot lights
  • The kids accidentally burning themselves on the hot lights
  • Presents being placed too close to the hot lights
  • The tree catching on fire

National Geographic has a great blog post on all the benefits of switching to LED Christmas lights.

As excited as I was about our new lights I was a bit distracted by what we should do with all our regular lights from Christmas past. Then I found this: Holiday Christmas Light Recycling Program

What a great offer! Now I can feel good about my “old” lights getting recycled while at the same time I can get a discount on new “greener” lights.

I see some front yard LED light decorating in my husband’s future…

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