Friday, March 6

3R Friday

Welcome to 3R Friday

A weekly series of simple tips focused on helping you darken your shade of green.

Reduce: Reduce your indoor air pollution by:
  • Opening windows and doors (even in the winter)
  • Filling your home with toxin removing house plants
  • Burning Soy candles rather than paraffin candles
Reuse: Reuse hubby’s razors
My husband is one of those lucky guys that only have to shave once a week. After he shaves he saves the razor for me to use!

Recycle: Recycle used athletic shoes
Nike turns any brand of used tennis shoes into Nike Grind; a material used for such things as running tracks, basketball courts, and play grounds, through a program called Reuse-a-Shoe.

I hope you have found these tips helpful!

Have a safe, happy, Green weekend!

1 comment:

Willo said...

Indoor plants are a really good way to freshen the air too. I have to get some!