Monday, March 30

Egg hunt at

I love fun promos and this one from definitely fits the bill.I recently placed an order with for invitations for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party and I can’t wait to see what I find in my egg when my order arrives!
(I am almost as excited about the egg as I am about the invitations)

Typically I send electronic invites but this year I have to send paper ones too. Now that my daughter is in daycare I don’t know all the parent’s e-mail addresses and I don’t always see the parents, so paper invites are the way to go this year. Especially 100% post consumer recycled paper invites!
Every paper product on is printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper:
  • Acid free & processed chlorine free
  • Made with 100% certified renewable energy
  • Procured through responsible use of forest resources.

I will still send electronic invites to family and friends but it is great to know that I have this eco-friendly option too.Tell me what you find in your egg and I will tell you what I find in mine ;-)

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