Monday, March 16

Glad I didn't buy them

I had a Green Irene gift certificate that was burning a hole in my virtual pocket so when I opened up my last package of cleaning sponges I knew just what I was going to use my gift certificate on. New sponges!

As my regular household items run out I am replacing them with more eco-friendly ones (I am much too thrifty of a girl not to use them up). So far I have not come across an eco-friendly replacement item that I have not liked, until now.

I can honestly say that I do not like Twist Sponges. I will never recommend them to anyone for any reason and I am glad that I did not waste my $ on them.
Why don't I like them?
Because they don't work! On anything! With or without loofah, it doesn't matter, neither kind work.
(Sorry if I sound a little cranky but this weekend I had to scrub my shower clean, twice. I am not a big fan of cleaning as it is so when I have to do it twice, in the same day.... I get a bit cranky.)

I have tried these sponges on everything from dishes to cleaning sinks to trying to clean up a spill and they just don't work.
I had hope that the loofah side (along with my elbow grease & Method bathroom cleaner) would be able to clean the bathroom tub and shower. Nope. Not even close.
The cleaner just ran off the loofah side of the sponge or soaked into the soft side of the sponge (which is kind of funny considering that the spilled juice wouldn't soak into the sponge). No amount of elbow grease will help these sponges.
There was a small washable crayon mark on my living room wall that I thought for sure the Twist sponge could handle. Nope. Not even washable crayon.
You know how I got it off?
By rubbing it with my finger. Yup, my bare finger can remove things better than these sponges can.

It's back to non eco-friendly sponges for me. Hopefully the next generation of eco-friendly sponges will arrive soon and hopefully they will work.
I wish I would have tried the dryer balls....


Lisa Sharp said...

Umm.. I like them. But I'm not a sponge kinda girl so maybe that is why, who knows. Sponges gross me out. I want something that goes in the washer every time I use it lol.

Are you signed up with Green Irene?

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

I am not a sponge person either. The only place that I use them is to clean the shower and bathtubs. Then I microwave them to "clean" them. I only tried these ones in hopes of giving up my Method wipes but I just can't part with those guys.

I am not a Green Irene consultant but I am on the waiting list to have a home make over when the OR consultant finishs up. You should be one!

Lisa Sharp said...

Yeah, we only have wipes in our house for my husband to use since he isn't much of a cleaner. I'm a rag girl, I have more rags than anyone should need. (all are cut up t-shirts, that were in to bad of shape for donating)

I have thought about being a Green Irene consultant. Just not sure there is a point in this area...