Tuesday, March 10

Thanks to my husband's green thumb

Recently I joined

This is pretty funny considering I don't have a green thumb. (Almost as funny as me being a contributing writer for an on-line magazine called Blissfully Domestic). Lucky for me my husband does have a green thumb.

I come up with these wonderful ideas (Hey honey, let's grow our own food) and he turns them into reality (much the same way he does with the ideas I have for our kid's birthday cakes)

Since it is still cold, rainy, and even snowy here in the Pacific Northwest we have had to start our garden indoors. My wonderful hubby bought organic seeds (peppers, zucchini, and carrots) and planted them. Once they grow big enough we have to plant these little guys in pots. (The zucchini is just about ready)

Then in late April (so says the lady at the seed store) we can plant them outside. We will be planting them in the planters that my hubby built (have I mentioned how wonderful he is?) The planters stack so we can plant multiple things in them.
We have 3 of them, this one still has herbs from last year that are still growing. Hopefully the next pictures I take will include zucchini plants.

Wish us (him) good luck!

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