Monday, April 13

Guest Post #2: Retro Housewife Goes Green

I’m so honored that Lena wanted me to do a guest blog for her. She is such a sweet person and has come so far in her blog!

My Journey To Be Come “Green.”
I can’t say for sure when it all started. I grew up in an at least somewhat environmentally aware home, more so than most at the time. My mom has always been a bit of a hippy at heart. We recycled, ate mostly natural foods, and things like that. When I was very little (I believe around three years old) my dad went to throw away my baby food jar and I said “no daddy we cycle.”

So I guess I have always been a little green.

But for many years it didn’t go past recycling, semi- natural foods, and picking up litter. Then I started getting sick. I was in a lot of pain, always tired and other weird symptoms. There were a lot of days I couldn’t get out of bed.

It turned out to be Fibromyalgia.

Some believe Fibromyalgia is affected by chemicals. People with Fibromyalgia often have multiple chemical sensitivities as well. So I went on a mission to get rid of all the chemicals in my life.

While I was doing that I watched “An Inconvenient Truth.” It shocked me. I knew things were bad. I knew we should take care of the planet. But living in a small town in Oklahoma I didn’t know what I could other than what I was doing.

Soon after watching I started learning everything I could about the environment. While it scared me it also left me feeling empowered. I felt like I could make a difference.
I wrote about my journey on Myspace but soon everyone seemed to be getting a blog so I thought I would give it a try. While the blog didn’t start about to be about green living it didn’t take long for it to go that way.

In just a few years I went from just recycling to composting, being a member of my recycling coalition, using only reusable bags, and so much more.

It hasn’t been very hard at all. I have taken it one step at a time. I’m still taking steps, I’m sure I will be for the rest of my life. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed remember every little change makes a difference. Once you take the first step you won’t look back!

Thank you Lisa for that great guest post!
I met Lisa via a comment she made on one of the very first posts I did for Blissfully Via her comment, I clicked over to her blog and it was love at first read. I immediately recruited her to write for BD and ever since, we have formed a virtual friendship.

Like Lisa, I also believe that each little step we take makes a big difference and makes taker bigger steps easier. Thank you again Lisa for your very informative, pleasing to the eye, and very easy to read blog.


marina villatoro said...

great interview. i think we all have a little green in us. it's just the difference between getting off your butt and doing somethign aobut it, or just saying yeah, i know, i gotta do it. but doing nothing!
The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist

Lisa Sharp said...

Thanks Lena! You are to sweet. :)

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thanks Marina! I could not have put it better myself. It really annoys me when I hear people say that going green is too hard and takes too much work. Doesn’t everything that is worth it take a little effort?

You are welcome Lisa! Thanks again for guest posting. I have learned (and am still learning) so much from you.

living said...

There are ways for you to take action. There are things you can do each and every day to lesson the negative impact on the environment, starting right now.