Monday, April 27

Guest Post #4: Trying to be Greener

After 15 years of being a 5th grade, Special Education teacher I became a mother.

I had been a vegetarian for many years and always considered myself a "green girl", but when I became pregnant in the Spring of 2007, I thought a lot about how small amounts of chemicals, whether in food, soap, or a mattress, could affect a little baby. Having a daughter inspired me to research safer soaps, toys, cleaning products, and food which in turn, has helped me to make better choices for myself.

I can't eliminate all hazards but I can try to reduce them.

These changes haven't made a huge impact on the world's pollution or waste but it's still progress. Small substitutions over time can have a big impact on our family's health.

I decided to put all the things I've learned about in the form of a blog last summer because I realized that it would help me organize all the useful sites and blogs I'd been learning about. My feelings were also that perhaps others would find these resources handy as well. A big focus of my blog is showing others how making these changes doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.

It's the only way I feel we'll stick with it!

By spreading the word on what I've learned, perhaps readers will be inspired to want to do the same and make safer choices for ourselves and the environment.

Thank you Kirstin for that great green guest post!

I also met Kirstin through the Green and Clean Mom forum. She provides me with encouraging comments and helpful feedback on my weekly post. She has also introduced me to other eco women who are trying to protect the planet, one small green change at a time.

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Jen on the Edge said...

I think we're all a lot better off that you're part of the blogosphere now. :-)