Tuesday, April 7

Mission Playground T-Shirt Campaign Could = $100

This contest is now closed. Please vote on your favorite slogan!

In honor of Earth Month I would like to introduce you to a company who is using their apparel as a vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for protecting our playground--Earth.

Mission Playground began in Mark McMahon’s San Diego (one of my favorite places!) garage in 2003. What started as a graphics-driven line of t-shirts carrying positive messages to inspire thought and awareness has grown into a company that has combined those thought-provoking graphics with sustainable fabrics and a pledge to protect the environment. Through their apparel, Mission Playground is proving that a simple t-shirt can make a powerful statement!As a mother I try to teach my children to respect the environment as well as the people around them. When I saw this shirt, it seemed to capture exactly what I have been trying to teach them!
A subtle message with a deep meaning; exactly what Mission Playground is all about.

Now it’s your turn to make a statement!

Suggest a thought- provoking theme and you might just win yourself $100 worth of Mission Playground apparel.

it is an opportunity to collectively raise awareness, educate our fellow citizens, and stand up for what you believe in....

3 other blogs are participating in this contest with my blog serving as that contest host.

Here's how to enter:
  • Leave a comment on this post suggesting an environmentally themed, thought provoking, slogan, image or theme that you think would look good on a Mission Playground 100% organic t-shirt. (one suggestion per comment)
  • On April 22, the top 3 design ideas will be picked from each of the participating blogs.
  • Those entries will then be posted right here, where readers will have until April 29th to vote on their favorite design.
  • The big winner will be announced on April 30th. And that person will receive $100 in Mission Playground apparel.

Contest is open to US and Canadian postal addresses.

I can't wait to see what slogans you come up with! Now get posting!


Lissa said...

I would have a picture of a frog and the following:

If I can go Green
you can too!

Lissa said...

I would have a picture of a frog on a lily pad and the following:

If I can keep my lily pad
clean and beautiful,
then why can't you?

Anonymous said...

My idea is a shirt that says:

"If you can't stand the heat, then get out of the car"

which references global warming. I imagine it would have an image of an earth in the background with heat lines radiating off of it, and a person on a bike in the foreground. Or someone getting out of a car. I'll let the imagery to the designers, ha ha!

Thanks for the contest!

karensuchecki AT gmail DOT com

Mona said...

I'd have:

Go gree, use your feet!

Naddez said...

"The Sky Is The Limit With Green Zone."


Anonymous said...

"Green's my color." on a nice green shirt!

IrisGretel said...

'you reap what you sow' on a tee showing a beautiful field of organic crops

Anonymous said...

My slogan: Respect


BOJESNE said...

How about a parked car relaxing under a palm tree with a lemonade next to it that says park me and ride the bus!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Down with Earth"

Ginger said...

A graphic of a recycling bin (perhaps the typical blue one, maybe a green one) with the words:

"Think outside the box."

To get people thinking about other green initiatives, besides recycling, that they can incorporate into their daily lives.

Thanks for the giveaway!


Ginger said...

Forgot to leave my e-mail: orchidfairy22@hotmail.com

yellow said...

I'd like to see a cartoony, Lord of the Flies kind of image.. kids roughing it in the wild! Lots of foliage and war paint on their faces :) Plenty of abstraction and colors to make an eye-catching statement about the environment that kids inhabit. Thanks!