Friday, May 22

3 R Friday

Welcome to 3 R Friday!

A weekly series of simple tips geared toward helping you darken your shade of green. Easily.

Reduce: Reduce your laundry’s environmental impact
  • Use phosphate free detergent
  • Say no to bleach
  • Use white vinegar instead of fabric softener (it does not leave your clothes smelling like vinegar)
  • Say no to dryer sheets (You could try Mountain Green all natural dryer sheets but I have found that the vinegar takes care of most static cling)
  • Wash in cold or warm with cold rinse
  • Wash and dry full loads
  • Hang clothes up to dry instead of using the dryer
  • Empty your lint catcher after every use (some sources say you can even compost the lint)
  • When buying a new washer and dryer look for energy savers and eco friendly front loading ones
  • Reuse washer water for watering (Katydid and Kid has a great post about how she does this. Read it Here)

Reuse: Reuse tennis balls

  • Hang one from a string in your garage to mark your parking spot
  • Use them for doggie toys. You may even contact your local animal shelter to see if they take donations.
  • Use them for caps on walker legs. Retirement homes may also take donations for this use.

Recycle: Recycle used eyeglasses, both adult and children’s glasses, at Lions Recycle for Sight. These glasses are then reworked for “needy eyes”.

Hope you found these tips helpful. Feel free to share any tips you may have.

Have a Great Green Weekend!


Lorraine said...

OK, I have 5 our of 10 on the laundry list. I think I can get to 8 out of 10 pretty easily. Thanks for the reminders - I'm lovin 3R Friday!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thanks Lorraine! I am glad that you are enjoying 3 R Friday. I am really enjoying writing it. ;-) We are going to try redirecting our washer water this weekend. I will let you know how it goes. Good luck on getting your number up to 8!