Thursday, May 7

Catalog Choice

A while back I signed up for the “Please do not mail me unwanted credit card applications and a zillion other pieces of junk mail I don’t want” list (I am pretty sure there is a more technical name for it). The list has worked great for everything except catalogs.

One Saturday I sat down at the computer with my pile of catalogs and went to each site to request that they remove me from their catalog mailing list. For the catalogs that I wanted to continue receiving I requested that they send them to me electronically. Most of the sites did not make this task easy, I ended up having to submit my request via the “contact us” field. I am not all together sure it worked.

Then my friend Lisa at Retro Housewife Goes Green told me of an easier way. Catalog Choice.

Catalog Choice is a free service, sponsored by the Ecology Center, which allows you to choose which catalogs you wish to receive and which ones you don’t.

The service is:

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Will reduce your mailbox clutter
  • Helps merchants better target their market
  • Saves valuable resources from being used on unwanted items that go directly into a recycling bin sounds

Yahoo Green has a great article called: Stop leaving a paper trail which lists a variety of resources available to you for cancelling all types of unwanted junk mail.

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marina villatoro said...

The problem with catalogues, is once you sign up for one, a billion others buy your name and start sending theirs. It's a pain in the ass!!!
Good luck with getting them all electric, let me know how it goes.