Tuesday, May 5

Its official. I am a Terracycler!

Look what I got in the mail this weekendIt came with 4 pre-paid pre-addressed pouches that I can use to send my non-recyclable Cliff bar wrappers back to Terracycle. They will then use the wrappers to make this cool looking purse.
I am so so excited about this company and about being part of their energy bar brigade.

You see, my husband and I each eat a Cliff bar a day (sometimes I also eat a Luna bar as an afternoon snack) and sometimes my kids eat one too. So on average, my family of 4 generates ~16 wrappers a week.

16 wrappers a week x 52 weeks a year = 832 wrappers that would normally go into the landfill will now go to TerraCycle to be transformed into new products.

(mental note, I need to invest in the Cliff Bar company. Anyone know if they are a publicly traded company?)

In addition to the energy bars, TerraCycle also has brigades for:
  • Drink Pouches
  • Cookie Wrappers
  • Chip Bags
  • Corks
  • Cell Phones
  • Yogurt Containers
  • Bear Naked Bags
  • Kashi Products
  • Toasted chips

Depending on the item that you send, you can earn between 2 and 25 cents for a non-profit organization of your choice (this includes schools).

The whole brigade process is really simple: Sign up for the brigade of your choice, receive an activation e-mail, activate your account, Terracycle sends you collection bags, you fill up the bags with the brigade items, send the bags back to Terracycle, Terracycle sends the non-profit of your choice $ and then uses the items to make unique TerraCycle products.

How ingenious is that?

They still have hundreds of spots to fill for various brigades. So if your interested in turning your non-recyclable or difficult to recycle items into unique TerraCycle items click over to Teracycle.net now and join a brigade!


Lisa Sharp said...

I'm hoping to get my church to join the chip one!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

What a good idea Lisa. I should try to get my school signed up for something next year!