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Review & Giveaway: Clean & Green Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, Pet Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover

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Review By Dawn (contributing writer):

I was asked if I would like to give these new pet products by Clean & Green a try, and my initial thought was "sure, I'll try them". I live in a new house, and wouldn't say I have a problem with pet stains or odor, but I have been puppy sitting and puppy foster "momming" a couple of times since moving in.

Unfortunately my virgin carpet has been despoiled.

I also have three cats and a dog, and while they're all house trained, incidents do occur. Clean + Green Carpet Upholstery Cleaner, Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover claims:

  • To work instantly and easily
  • Be all natural and pet safe (non-carcinogenic & non-toxic)
  • Be an eco-friendly product (safe for people, pets, & the planet)

This is a "Deep Action Formula" is supposed to "Penetrate deep into carpet, area rugs or upholstery. Works on contact. Just spray - no need to soak or scrub" What could be better?

My first victim was a spot on the carpet, that I believe came from a puppy. There was no odor, just a slight spot, I thought I'd go easy at first. I followed the directions on the can, spraying directly on the spot until damp, not soaked, and walked away. I came back later, and the spot was still there. And to this day it is still there. It's slight, but it's still there.

My next victim was a spot on my couch. Now I don't believe it came from an animal, it's probably a juice spot from one of the kids sippy cups leaking, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway. I have one of those microfiber couches, that cleans up pretty easily anyway, so I thought the cleaner could handle it. Once again I sprayed as directed, and allowed the spot to dry. The stain is lessened, but still there. Another fail.

On a whim I thought I'd tackle a true nasty pet stain. My female cat must have decided she really doesn't like our dog, I don't know why he is the best dog ever, but she has decided to use his dog bed as a new place to relieve herself. She's about to find herself homeless. But anyway, the bed had two spots, both stinky and obviously urine and feces. I sprayed the spots and walked away not hoping for much. When I came back, I was shocked to find both spots gone. Gone! No smell, no stain. I was amazed!

So here is my take. This truly is a pet product, not just for any stain. So for my juice and mystery spills I would definitely go to my old stand-by cleaning product. But for those nasty pet stains that it seems nothing can help, especially the odor, I would make the separate purchase and buy this product.

Clean & Green has a wide range of products (auto, furniture, wood flooring) for a wide range of animals (dog, cat, ferret, bird) including a de-skunking product!

Now you get the chance to try: The Auto Odor Eliminator, Cleaner, & Stain Remover on your pet stains.

To Enter: Visit Clean & Green's website, look around, read a bit about the company and their products, come back here and leave me a comment telling me something you learned.

Giveaway Ends: Sunday July 5th.

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RavenousReader said...

Their primary ingredient is Cane sugar derivatives. How interesting!

Anonymous said...

We have definite pet issues in our home, so this sounds like it is worth a try! The Clean & Green products are non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, VOC free and more!

Xenia said...

You can use this product on any surface type: wood, carpet, concrete, tile, bedding, and any fabric. It is also effective on airborne odors. My yellow lab has definitely left some stains and smells, I would love to try this.

xpsundell at gmail dot com

Ellisen said...

This product works because it encapsulates the odor source and
immediately eliminates the odor. It then "becomes a microbial-food
source for the indigenous bacteria in the environment, which
accelerates the biodegradability of the odor source." Wow!

Beth said...

I learned that they have a cat litter box odor eliminator and cleaner that works instantly

Annette Doggett said...

I learned that it can even get out Skunk odor, that is awesome! I have two stinky dogs. This would be great!

nfmgirl said...

PetsMart and PetCo both carry this product. Did I mention that I have FIVE cats?

nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

Jessie Lynn said...

I think the coolest thing about this product is that it's seriously nontoxic and safe for pets! I always worry about the types of cleaning products I use around the house because of our silly pets - 2 nutty ferrets and a cranky kitty. & cane sugar as a main ingredient? What?! How neat is that?

Thanks for the chance!


Jessie Lynn

Doreen said...

We have a pet in our home so this would be great! Love that it's non-toxic, eco friendly!

Doreen said...

Blogged also for an extra entry: http://treasuredgiveaways.blogspot.com/2009/07/pet-stain-remover.html

Spamgirl said...


I learned that it even works on skunk spray, which is great!

Thank you!

valerie2350 said...

Easy on the environment and easy to use. Our unique Advanced Eliminator3 Formula(TM) doesn't just cover up the scent. It eliminates odors, deep cleans and removes stains -- everything you'd expect from the leader in all natural pet-cleaning products. So, breathe again.

valerie2350 said...


Lindsay said...

What I learned from the website is that this product is completely safe to use for pets and humans, and is also safe to use on all water-safe surfaces. We don't have to worry about chemicals eating away our beautiful furniture! :)
- lindsaywags@gmail.com

Lifestooshort said...

I learned that it's eco friendly, which I love and non toxic

lavery328 at yahoo dot com

nightowl said...

I learned that they have a wide range of products including a De-Skunk Coat Cleaner and Odor Eliminator.

amanda said...

I read that it can eliminate skunk odor. Wow!
oheeyore at hotmail dot com

sd0126 said...

I learned that all of their products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and completely recyclable

LeBizyB said...

I learned I can get their products at PetSmart and PetCo. I'd love to try these products I have pets and I am all for eliminating odors in an eco-friendly way.

lebizyb AT q DOT com

LeBizyB said...

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lebizyb AT q DOT com

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