Sunday, June 21

EWG Action Fund

I recently received an email from that I thought was worth sharing with you:
Dear Lena,

If you'd like to see a strong national law that protects children from toxic chemicals, you'll want to check out our new online news and commentary site about the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act.

We know how angry people are, including us, about the weak toxics laws in this country. To channel that anger into productive conversation and action, EWG created a place online where you can learn, discuss and act: our new Kid-Safe online news and commentary site.

Please tune in and speak up, because some of our greatest changes in history have started with a group of people getting together and having a conversation.
Why we need the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act: Under the current, outdated and toothless federal law called the Toxic Substances Control Act, chemicals are allowed on the market with virtually no safety testing and EPA has almost no powers to protect public health. As a result, babies are born with hundreds of industrial chemicals in their bodies, many of which are suspected of contributing to health problems. The Kid-Safe Chemicals Act aims to change that by requiring that all chemicals be proven safe for children before they can be sold.

It's the best place to find:

Check it out today - and weigh in! The more voices at this table, the better.

Read and comment on our new Kid-Safe online news and commentary site today.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important national conversation about our nation's failing toxics policy. The need for a strong law that values human health is clear, and it's only together that we'll get there.

In partnership, Ken CookPresident, Environmental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit, non-partisan research organization dedicated to using the power of information to protect human health and the environment. The EWG Action Fund is a legislative advocacy organization that uses EWG research to promote healthy and sustainable policies.
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