Thursday, July 23

1 more SIGG bottle sold

I have 2 reusable water bottles; 1 Klean Kanteen for my car and 1 SIGG bottle for work.
Last year (when I was a green newbie) I purchased both brands to try them out to see which one I liked better. What I have learned over the year is that I have no preference. I love both of them. Equally.

A co-worker of mine saw me walking to the water cooler with my SIGG bottle and started asking me questions about it. Of course I was more than happy to share info with her and I encouraged her to purchase a reusable water bottle of her own.

Last week she walked into my office sporting this beautiful turquoise SIGG bottle that she purchased from a local company called REI.

Here is what their site says about my co-worker's beautiful new SIGG bottle:

More than just pretty, a SIGG water bottle is extrusion-pressed from a single piece of aluminum for seamless, leakproof construction!

A taste-neutral, food-compatible enamel is sprayed and baked to the interior surface resulting in a crack- and impact-resistant bottle impervious to the acidity of wine, juices, soda pop and isotonic drinks.

(Insert by me: How is it that I have never thought to put wine in my reusable bottle? Not to take to work of course....)

Interior coating will not leach into fluids

Rugged aluminum bottles are completely recyclable at the end of their long lives.

I read some of the reviews that were written about the SIGG bottles and here are how they were summarized:

Pros: Good capacity. Durable. No plastic taste. Good grip. Retains temperature well. Lightweight.

Cons: Hard to clean. Dents easily.

The reason my co-worker picked SIGG over Klean Kanteen is because SIGG is made in Switzerland. (It is not the USA but in her eyes it was better than China, where Klean Kanteen is made)

Whatever the reason, I am just glad that she bought a reusable bottle. That she is using her reusable bottle. And that she loves her reusable bottle.

(I have to admit that I am a teeny bit proud to have aided in her purchase of a reusable bottle)


marina villatoro said...

I think my husband bought me one yesterday, he's in another part of guatemala right now and there is one store that sells stuff like this. so i'll find out tomorrow/
he got one for me and my son!!!

it's so interesting that you've tried so much of the latin food I put up! you have to come here, you'll love it!

Lisa Sharp said...

First off I love REI! I got two organic shirts there a few weeks ago when I was in Texas.

Also I agree on the Swiss made is better than China. With all of China's human rights violations I try and support them as little as I can. I know at this point even if it's made in the US it most likely has parts from China but the less the better. I LOVE Sigg!!!

And you should be proud!!!! :)

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thank you Lisa! I do feel kind of proud. ;-) I really should shop at REI more. It is kind of like Costco though, when we do go we spend way more $ than we had planned on ;-)

That is great Marina! I wonder what fun colors yours will be. They are coming up with such great designs. As for the food….I was born and raised in NM so Latin Food is what I grew up on ;-)

Steph R said...

I've done a lot of research on safe reusable metal bottles and the Top 3 definitely are Klean Kanteen, SIGG and EarthLust. EarthLust are similar to KK in that they are stainless, but also have designs. Not a lot of color selection, but nature-inspired designs add a touch of eco. I personally got the EarthLust Tree Bottle: and really like it so far (had it for 5 months). It's 33 oz so large, but I drink a lot of water each day at work, and this bottle also keeps it cold for me for 2 hours.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thanks for the link Steph. I don’t remember seeing these before. I do like the colorful designs. The more quality reusable bottles out there to choose from the better!