Friday, July 31

3 R Friday

Welcome to 3 R Friday

A weekly series of simple tips geared toward helping you darken your shade of green. Easily.

Reduce: Reduce water waste by turning the water off when you brush your teeth and shave.
Reuse: Reuse glass jars as “Tupperware”
A great way to share leftovers or garden goodies with family and friends and not worry about getting your container back.
Recycle: Recycle your child’s favorite t-shirt into a favorite pillow.
When your child outgrows their favorite shirt, sew up all the openings and stuff it like a pillow.

Hope you found these tips helpful. Feel free to share any tips you may have.

Have a Great Green Weekend!


Daisy said...

Oh, yes, the glass jars! I use small glass jars for freezing herbs as our all-too-short growing season comes to an end. I even sent a few jars with my daughter to her college apt. She and her roommate eat well for college kids!

Eco Yogini said...

Turning off the tap while brushing my teeth or soaping up my hands was one of the first things I had to practice doing before it became habit. :)

The little things matters :)

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

I was wondering if I could use glass jars in the freezer Daisy. I have lots of them and lots of berries…it seems like the perfect combination.

They really do Eco Y. I hesitate to include things like this but then I realize that I started with these small steps too.