Saturday, July 18

Are Paper Napkins More Environmentally Friendly?

Read this post by Pablo Paster, San Francisco on Treehugger.ocm: Are Paper Napkins More Environmentally Friendly?

The answer might surprise you....


Lisa Sharp said...

As often happens with these kinds of articles they leave out the fact that post people throw there napkins in with loads they are already doing. So you can't really add in more washing or drying.

Also you have to remember how long good napkins will last. Some of mine are cotton, some are hemp and some are reused cloth.

As far as the restaurants that is harder to say because it's going to be different each place.

It's a good article but the kind you don't want Fox News getting a hold of lol.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Very good point Lisa! They would say it is "proof" that going green is just a marketing gimmick. ;-)