Tuesday, August 11

EcoSmart Wasp Killer= 2 thumbs up!

Recently the kind folks at EcoSmart sent me their Wasp and Hornet Killer to try out.

Since the yellow jackets hadn’t built their nest in our mailbox yet (The key word here is yet. I know they will because they have every year for the past 5 years) I hadn’t had a chance to try the product, yet.

So when my FIL mentioned that the yellow jackets had started building nests under the eaves of their house I offered him EcoSmart’s Wasp and Hornet Killer to try.

I could tell that he was a bit skeptical about it but when I explained how it works and that it is safe to use around pets (my in-laws have a dog which they love dearly) he agreed to try it.

Since EcoSMART’s proprietary botanical oil blends attack attributes that are specific only to pests, they do not effect people, pets or the environment.

“Pleasantly Surprised!” Was how my FIL put it.

He was impressed with the spraying power and how quickly and efficiently it worked. My MIL commented on how nice it smelled (unlike the traditional sprays). They both said that they would definitely use it again and that the little extra $ they would pay would be well worth it ($8 for a 14oz can of EcoSmart vs ~$5 for a 14 oz can of Raid).

Wasp & Hornet Killer Active Ingredients:

  • Peppermint Oil .......................1.00%
  • 2-Phenethyl Propionate ........0.50%
  • Other Ingredients* ............. 98.50%
  • Total .....................................100.00%
  • *Isopropyl Myristate, Isopropanol, Mineral Oil, Canola Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Nitrogen
There you have it, in-law approved!

Now I need to buy a can for when those pesky mail box nest building swarm come back. Cuz I know they will.

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Lisa Sharp said...

My MIL is allergic to yellow jacks so we don't know if my husband is or not so we have to keep them away.

We have tired another natural wasp spray and it's okay but not very fast at all so we may need to try this one.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Better to err on the side of caution. I would definitely recommend them. It worked just as well if not better than the traditional “toxic” kind. Let me know what you think of it if you do try it. ;-)

Daisy said...

The lovely little pollinators keep trying to build in the cracks of my aging wood siding. I'm making note of this right now!

Hip Mom's Guide said...

We get hives or nests or whatever they are every year, so you've peaked my interest. I just saw a new one...perhaps we'll give this a try. Do you have to order it, do you know, or might I find it locally?

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Hi Hip Mom ;-)

If you go to the EcoSmart website there is a place on the top right hand corner where you can type in your zip code and the locations where you can buy will pop up. I believe that most Safeways and Wal-marts carry EcoSmart but I am not certain.

Let me know what you think of it.