Saturday, August 1

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I love thee for thy strength and durability and convenience.

I love thee for thy carrying ease and saving grace thee provideth our environment.

I love thee with a determined passion that I shall never again place my organic blueberries, low fat milk, and Ben and Jerry's ice cream into a plastic bag.

Ok, ok, I will stop for both our sakes. I admit that I am no Elizabeth Barrett Browning but I do love my reusable bags for many reasons.
  1. I love them for helping me do my part to save the streams, lakes, trees, and animals from the toxins that leach into the ground when plastic bags photodegrade (read this article from National Geographic).
  2. I love them for their sturdiness. I can fill them to the brim and not worry about them tearing and my apples (or something more embarrassing) rolling across the parking lot.
  3. I love them for helping save a wild animal from dying after mistakenly consuming a plastic bag (read this article from
  4. I love them for their convenience. * I can fold them up and put them in my purse so I always have one with me.
    * I can take them with me for all kinds of shopping; shoes, clothes, groceries, fruit stand, used book store, etc.
    * I can use them to tote around the miscellaneous things that my kids claim they need for a simple 3 mile trip to the store (books, dolls, crayons, extra shoes, water, food, etc…)
  5. I love that by using reusable bags I am preventing hundreds of plastic bags from being used (Read this article from squidoo).
  6. I love that my kids can easily carry the groceries in; sometimes without complaining (which I am sure is directly related to the reusable bag).

I love thee reusable bag with my bread, cheese, and brown eggs….and, if ReusableBags.Com choose, I shall love thee better after your colored.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.


Lisa Sharp said...

haha I love it!

I also love reusable bags. They make it so much easier to carry everything!

Sasha said...

and if you have alot of coffees or reusable canteens in tow, Simply Green Solutions has a 4 pack or 6 pack carrying reusable bag - in colors galore.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thanks Lisa! Some days I just feel silly ;-)

They really are easier and can fit so much more stuff than paper or plastic. I really wish more people used them!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thanks to the link to the great site Sasha! I love that it has bags made from recycled material!