Saturday, August 15

Save 15% at

Do you know that has never used a new box to ship their products! How cool is that. The first time I received a shipment from them it came in a wine box. That was just not right ;-)

I recently received an e-mail from listing some of the great green back-to-school goods that they have such as....

Not all paper, pencils and notebooks are created equal. Most traditional school supplies consume vast amounts of virgin materials, particularly paper. We sell many products that contain recycled material, and often 100% post-consumer recycled content. Check out our New Leaf, O'Bon and Smencil products. Or maybe try some Ellie Pooh products made from elephant dung!
(If you have a grade school boy like I do you know how much enjoyment he would get from telling his friends that his school supplies are made from elephant dung. I can already hear the giggles.)
Now through August 31st you can Save 15% at by typing school at the point of purchase.
Happy Shopping!
(I must tell you that I am an affiliate of which means that I do get a very small portion of the sales generated from my blog traffic)

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