Saturday, September 26

4 Reasons why you should compost

Why Should You Compost?
  1. To make plants healthier - Organic matter is known as the “soul of a healthy soil.” Adding compost to your yard or garden will help your plants grow bigger and better. The organic matter in compost helps soil hold on to nutrients and water, benefiting your plants while reducing the risk of pollution.
  2. To save you and your local community money - Using compost as a soil conditioner or mulch reduces your need to purchase these lawn and garden products. Composting in your backyard may reduce your trash removal costs. Many sanitation companies charge customers by the bag. Your compost bin could decrease the number of bags your household generates.
  3. Because composting is practical and convenient - There's no need to bother bagging leaves and other garden/yard wastes. Simply add them to your backyard pile or bin and watch these items turn into rich dark humus.
  4. Because composting is a good alternative to landfilling or incinerating - Our yard and garden wastes account for almost 20% of the total amount of trash thrown away each year. Your choice to compost reduces the need to burn or bury organic material and increases the quality of our precious topsoil.

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Lisa Sharp said...

I love my composter! I don't feel AS bad about food waste since I have it.