Tuesday, October 13

Mineral Salt Deodorant

When we started on our eco-journey one of the first items that we switched was our deodorant. Unfortunately the switch did not go very well. We tried all the typical natural brands, Toms, Jason’s, etc… with no success.

All the brands and “flavors” made my husband break out. Even though they covered up the smell they did nothing for the wetness so sadly he went back to his "regular” antiperspirant/deodorant.

My problem was the opposite; they worked on the wetness but not the smell. I found myself switching back and forth between all brands every few days which worked for a while.

After a year of this I was starting to get really frustrated and then I read a review on using mineral salt, yes mineral salt. I trust the opinion of the blogger who wrote the review so I went out that very day and bought some.

What do I have to say to that blogger.....

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Eco Yogini for pointing me/us in the mineral salt direction. We love it, love it, love it! (Is it normal to love deodorant?)

I bought this small travel size one at my local natural food store to try it out (I wanted to make sure it actually worked for both of us before I committed to the big crystal).

I can totally understand why Crystal deodorants are called the Un-odorant! Cuz you don't even know that they are there. There is no smell, no residue, no moisture, no nothing. It is the strangest thing. ;-)

It is literally a chuck of salt that you drip a little water on, rub your underarms with, and forget about.
It drys instantly. It leaves no trace. It controls wetness. It controls smells. It lasts all day. It lasts through work-outs. The container is recyclable. It is a little magical crystal. ;-)

We have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it does not even look like we have used any at all.

Eco-Yogini shared a couple of tips that I have to agree with:
1. Don't use it right after you shave (it is salt...ouchy..yes, I learned the hard way)
2. Use right after you get out of the shower (while your underarms are still a little moist)

No matter what brand you buy, the info is basically the same:

  • Odor is caused by bacteria, which form on the body. Most deodorants on the market today merely mask that odor with unnecessary and unwanted chemicals. They “deodorize” with the help of chemicals. Crystal deodorants, made of 100% all natural mineral salts, prevent odor from happening in the first place by neutralizing the bacteria, preventing odor, rather than just covering it up.
  • Crystal deodorants prevent body odor from occurring naturally by forming a topical layer on the skin, which is inhospitable to bacteria that cause odor. They dry instantly and don’t leave any residue.
  • All Crystal Deodorants are hypoallergenic, contain no aluminum chlorohydrate, are paraben free, alcohol-free, non-sticky, non-staining, contain no artificial coloring, chemicals, dyes or alcohol, contain no harmful aluminums, are not tested on animals, and are safe for the environment!
  • Deodorants made of alum based mineral salts feature physically large potassium or ammonium alum molecules which are not absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and should not be confused with the controversial and potentially harmful aluminums found in most commercial deodorants and antiperspirants, like aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium.
  • Antiperspirants use chemicals to inhibit the activity of sweat glands so less moisture is produced. While deodorants are considered to be a cosmetic product because they only control odor, antiperspirants are actually drugs because they affect the physiology of the body. In fact, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) controls the active ingredients used in antiperspirants because of their drug classification. Although the exact mechanism of this physiological interaction is not fully understood, the theory is that antiperspirant salts form temporary plugs in some of the sweat gland openings inhibiting the secretion of moisture.
  • Antiperspirants have an aluminum-based compound as their main ingredient. These include Aluminum Chlorohydrate, Aluminum Zirconium, Aluminum Chloride, Tricholorohydrex Glycine and Aluminum Hydroxybromide – each controversial ingredients and, potentially, unhealthy.

Both my husband and I are very happy with the un-odorant and next time around, we will be purchasing the big crystal of mineral salt!


Eco Yogini said...

YAY!!!! I'm SO glad that you love them!! :) WOOT.
Seriously, they ARE fantastic, who knew?
I'm also flattered that you went out and bought some that very same day- that's why I love this little bloggy-munity, I learn so much from fantastic bloggers like you! We get to share :)

I didn't know that the FDA regulated antipersperants- weird and creepy.

Lisa Sharp said...

My husband and I also use this deodorant.

If it starts to smell just wash it with a bit of body wash.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thanks for the tip Lisa. I hadn’t even thought about it smelling. Maybe I need to buy a his and hers ;-)

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thank you Eco Yogini! Every time I think to myself that maybe I should stop blogging cuz it takes a lot of time something like this happens and reminds me why I blog and read blog....sharing and learning. It really is worth it, especially now that I am naturally not smelly. ;-)