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Post from the past: Using proper hand washing techniques to wash away germs

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Using proper hand washing techniques to wash away germs
By Lena on October 22, 2008

Next time you are in a public place do a little people watching.

Watch all the things that people touch (money, shoe strings, child’s nose, food, their face) . Then watch all the common items touched by multiple people, including yourself (napkin holder, door, ketchup dispenser, chair, counters).

After a few minutes of people watching you will see why, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), scientists estimate that up to 80% of all infections are transmitted by our hands.

Hand washing may be the single most important act you can take to help stop the spread of infection and stay healthy.

The following highlights the proper method for washing hands:
  • Wet hands
  • Green insert; turn water off
  • Dispense soap (use liquid soap rather than a bar of soap don't need antibacterial)
  • Rub hands together for about 20 seconds (be sure to rub the back of the hands and around your fingernails)
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Use your elbow or paper towel to turn off the water (you don’t want to touch the “dirty” faucet with your clean hands especially when using a public restroom)
  • When using a public restroom you should use something other than your clean hand, to open the door (arm, back-side, the paper towel you used to dry your hands)

To help prevent the spread of germs, people should wash their hands frequently throughout the day.

It is especially important to wash your hands:

  • Before you eat
  • After going to the bathroom or changing a diaper
  • Before, during, and after preparing food
  • After blowing or wiping your nose or your child’s nose
  • Before and after tending to cuts
  • After touching animals (especially at petting zoos)

According to the Mayo Clinic, Hand Washing doesn’t take much time or effort, but it offers great rewards in terms of preventing illness!

So take a few minutes to go wash your hands and your child's hands.


Nicole Feliciano said...

good tips--but come on--how can we expect kids to follow these. fingers crossed for a flu-free winter.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Good Point Nicole! I do carry a natural hand sanitizer in my purse. Maybe that would be a good blog topic.