Monday, December 14

New Wave Enviro Review and Giveaway

I have had the good fortune to review a lot of wonderful reusable lunch kits but all of them have been geared toward children's lunches so when New Wave Enviro Products contact me about doing a review of an "adult" lunch bag set I jumped at the chance!

I was sent a 100% Bamboo bag, Stainless Steel Food Container and a Stainless Steel Water Bottle. I have to say, the bamboo bag is my favorite!

  • Light as a feather
  • Strong as steel
  • Soft as silk
  • Naturally anti-bacterial/Hypoallergenic.
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6.5" x 10"
  • Adjustable strap

I really like the snap (instead of a zipper or Velcro), how easily I can fold it so it fits it into my bigger bag, and how easy it is to wash.

Fastest growing plant on earth. A 60 foot cut takes 59 days to regrow. Regenerates without replanting. Reduces carbon dioxide. Restores degraded land. Grows without chemicals and pesticides. Has a tensile strength comparable to steel.

The stainless steel lunchbox that they sent fits perfectly into the bag. The only thing about stainless steel is that it is not microwavable but for everything else it is great. I do find that I have to wash it by hand though cuz the dishwasher does not always get it clean. It does help to keep items in my bag cold without having to use an ice pack.

•A no leach, no chemicals, no toxins product
•Fits perfectly in your lunchbox
•Reusable forever!
•Dimensions: 6" x 4.5" x 2"

Here is some more info about New Wave Enviro:

  • Proud member of Green America, a national nonprofit consumer organization, promoting environmental sustainability, social justice, and economic justice.
  • Manufactures and distributes eco friendly products such as reusable water bottles and water filtration systems which produce high quality, inexpensive purified water from your own Tap.
  • "Were green when green was still just a color"
  • Have been in business for over 15 years
  • Offer consumers a way to live litter free and chemical free lives

Thanks to the kind folks at New Wave Enviro, now you'll get the chance to try this wonderful lunch bag and stainless steel lunchbag for yourself.

To Enter: Visit the New Wave Enviro Website, take a look around, then come back here and leave me a comment telling me something you learned and what other product you would like to try.
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Giveaway Ends: Sunday Dec 20th!

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Good Luck and Happy Holidays!


Katrina said...

The 40oz stainless bottle would be great for long car rides! I also didn't know that the cheaper bottles weren't stainless!

Katrina said...

I follow you thru google friends and rss reader.

sphinx63 said...

I learned that New Wave Enviro was established in 1994 with a focus on providing pure, on-demand water at a reasonable price. I really like the .6 Liter Stainless Steel Bottle. Perfect size for me!

sphinxcw at aol dot com

The Nanny said...

This is such a cool idea--I love this!:


one frugal lady said...

I also love the lunchopolis bag and the yoga bottle!

Daisy said...

I like the stainless steel water bottles - but the stainless lunch box comes a close second! It would clean more easily than my vinyl one, and it looks like it would last for years.

Heather said...

I learned they make corn and eastar based bottles. The eastar ones look kool and I wouldn't mind trying them.

Jessica said...

I would love the corn resin bottle. I learned it will degrade in just 80 days in a commercial compost.

Jennifer said...

The Stainless Steel yoga bottle, they are not coated with that resin!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I learned that the enamel on the stainless steel bottles is lead free! I would love a stainless steel bottle to make me drink more water!

Anonymous said...

i would love to get one of their bamboo lunch bags. Apparently they're as strong as steel and soft as silk! As they note "A great companion to our Stainless Steel Food Container." I'd love to also have that steel container. It looked really neat.

I didn't know bamboo was the fastest growing plant on earth...neat!


cksknitter said...

I learned that chlorine gas was used extensively in WW1 as a chemical warfare agent. Today it is used in municipal water supplies to deliver water to our homes free of microscopic contaminants.
Chrissy at knittoday(at)hotmail(dot)COM

cksknitter said...

I'd like to try the Premium Shower Filter.
Chrissy at knittoday(at)hotmail(dot)com

Judy B said...

The yoga bottle looks cool!

judychrz at gmail

Amy said...

I'd like to try the bathtub filter! amythomas at gmail dot com It would make the water safer for my baby. amythomas at gmail dot com

Amy said...

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valerie2350 said...

i like the stainless steel water dispenser and I learned that they also sell replacement parts

Joely said...

Would love to try their stainless steel water bottles. Enviromentally friendly!!

joelster87 at hotmail dot com

Judy said...

I learned that they started in 1994 with a focus on pure water. I would like to try the insulated cool water carrier. You can wear it around the waist and has a pocket for keys which would be great for work.

Judy said...

I follow with Google Friends Connect.

Becky said...

This would be perfect for my lunch-toting husband.

I would love to try their stainless steel water bottles. I have a hard time finding sturdy ones.

Heidi said...

Wow, I can't believe they've been around since 1994!
I would love to try the 12 oz stainless steel bottle.

Heidi said...

I follow.

Carol W. said...

I'd like a stainless steel water bottle for the gym and to take with me whenever I head out.
I learned that Enviro had been promoting chlorine-free and litter-free products long before the current trends.


Carol W. said...

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Stephanie said...

I learned my co-op carries some of their products and I would like to try the Splish Splash Bathtub Filter.

mgonyeo said...

I would like to try the Premium 10 Stage Water Filter.

mgonyeo said...

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Jaime said...

I would love to try the yoga bottle
copperllama at yahoo dot com

Jaime said...

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copperllama at yahoo dot com

kk said...

Chlorine gas was used extensively in WW1 as a chemical warfare agent. I'd like to try the Premium Shower Filter. Thanks!

Lori said...

I like the ivy water dispenser.

Shannon said...

I'd like to try the Premium Shower Filter...I think that would be a great product to make sure when you are showering your water is clean as well.

Thank you!

shannyiphone at gmail dot com