Monday, August 16

Garbage Moguls

Last year I was honored to receive a DVD preview of Terracycle's TV series Garbage Moguls.

It was a great way to put faces to the names and learn a little bit more about the people behind this innovative company.

I am happy to report that the series is beginning this weekend!

When: Saturday, August 21st; 7pm for the re-airing of the pilot episode, 8-11pm for the new episodes

Where: The National Geographic Channel (check your local listings for exact channel and show times)

Extra: Join TerraCycle on Twitter (#GarbageMoguls) and Facebook ( for their online premiere party, starting at 8pm EST

I highly encourage you to tune into this three-episode marathon of Garbage Moguls, the
trash-tastic reality show about TerraCycle and get an inside look as the TerraCycle team faces new challenges and searches to find solutions for the world’s waste in this comically captivating reality show."

You can also ask questions and interact with the cast members, including Tom Szaky, during all three episodes as part of TerraCycle’s “Online Premiere Party”.

Follow and join the Garbage Moguls conversation live by tweeting with the #GarbageMoguls hash tag.

You can also participate in a live trivia game on Facebook that TerraCycle will be hosting.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 21st!

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