Monday, August 2

Terracycle Candy Wrapper Brigade

One of my favorite green companies has to be Terracycle!

Terracycle is a small company that has found an innovative way to take items destined for the landfill and turn them into really cool usable products.

Case in point: unrecyclable candy wrappers that are upcycled into various kinds of bags.
Each year, millions of candy wrappers are needlessly discarded and end up in landfills. TerraCycle™ is proud to partner with Mars®/Wrigley® and Cadbury® to create a second life for used candy wrappers. Every time you enjoy a Mars®/Wrigley® or Cadbury® candy product, you can save the wrapper and send it in to TerraCycle™, an eco-friendly innovator, and we will upcycle the pre and post-consumer waste material into cool new products.

How easy is that!

The way that TerraCycle™ gathers the wrappers (and other waste items) is through something they call Brigades.

Participation in the Candy Wrapper Brigade is simple and it’s completely FREE – all costs and shipping are covered by Mars/Wrigley and Cadbury.

1. Once you sign–up to participate in the Candy Wrapper Brigade you will receive prepaid postage labels and collection materials from TerraCycle.

2. Collect enough wrappers to fill a collection bag

3. Affix the pre–paid postage label and drop it off at a UPS location

Sign–up today and join the effort to reduce the impact of our manufacturing plants on the planet each year.

1090 Candy Wrapper Slots Open

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