Monday, May 2

Home-Made Toss Accross

My son recently had a homework assignment in which he had to make a toy that a child in the Pioneer days would have made and enjoyed. He decided to make a bean bag toss game.

He gathered up scraps of fabric and started sewing his bean bags.

My daughter was so enthralled with what her brother was doing that she decided to join in.
 After the bean bags were all sewn and filled he turned his attention to the circles made from rope. (shh, don't tell his teacher but the rope he used was made from recycled plastic bottles. 
I'm pretty sure they didn't have that kind of rope back then)
After he was finished he and his sister tried it out. They had so much fun playing it, in part because they made it.

Things were learned: 
  • Felt is the best type of fabric to use because it is sturdy and easy to sew
  • The bigger the beans the better. Smaller beans slip out & you will be finding them all over the house for days.
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