Saturday, July 30

EcoSmart Ant Killer

The other day I came home to find a swarm of ants in our garage. I have no idea what they were after but there were hundreds of them along the garage door opening.

After my initial shock  I remembered that I still had some EcoSMART  Ant Killer so I grabbed my can and sprayed away.

Within seconds they were all dead and the garage was left with only a pleasant peppermint like smell.
 That is when I remember just how much I like this product.

Here is some information about the products from a past review I wrote. 

EcoSMART is an organic pesticide and natural insect repellent company which carries non-toxic products that are both child and pet friendly.

EcoSMART products are based on the natural defenses that plants and trees have used for their self protection against insects and pathogens for millenia - essential oils.

Since EcoSMART’s proprietary botanical oil blends attack attributes that are specific only to pests, they do not effect people, pets or the environment.

The primary active ingredients in EcoSMART products are approved as Direct Food Additives or classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

These oils are commonly used to add flavor and aroma to many cosmetic, beverage and food products, including cake, candy, sweetener, gum, soft drinks, and lipstick. Children and pets are safe. No need to clear them out after application or be concerned if they are near our products. EcoSMART products have no adverse effect on mammals, birds, and fish and also will not contaminate water sources.

Why are EcoSMART's Botanical Products A Better Choice:
  • Targets Insects: Not People or the Environment
  • Made from organic plant oils
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • No pesticide residue
  • Unprecedented Margin of Safety
  • Extremely Effective Against a Broad Spectrum of Insect Pests
  • No Known Pest Resistance Issues
  • Cost Effective and Easy-To-Use Versus Conventional Products
  • Performance Comparable to Conventional Products
  • Naturally safe and effective
Some other note worthy features:
  • Has a pleasant natural scent
  • Can is recyclable
  • Made in the USA
  • Contains ingredients such as peppermint oil, wintergreen oil, mineral oil, and canola oil
  • No CFCs
  • Is still an insecticide so good safety and storage practices should be followed
Here is a list of some EcoSMART products:
Ant & Roach Killer
Wasp and Hornet Killer
Flying Insect Killer
Insect Repellent

Just recently I saw these products in my local grocery store which is wonderful.

If you have the need for any of these products I would strongly recommend visiting the EcoSMART website and taking a look for yourself especially if you have pets or children!

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