Tuesday, July 19

Promote Waste-free Lunches in Your School - reuseit.com Part 3

Promote Waste-free Lunches in Your School - reuseit.com
Reuseit.com has started a campaign to help eliminate school lunch waste.  I am helping to spread the word with a few informational posts. I encourage you to help spread the word too!

Waste-free lunches are a simple way to reduce consumption on a daily basis, helping you preserve natural resources and save money. Plus, it encourages healthy eating habits. Simply put, the cumulative effect is enormous!

Ways to Spread the Word

Here are a few high-impact things you can do today:
  1. Encourage your school to link to this page on its website
  2. Tell them to mention this page in their e-mail newsletter and on Facebook and Twitter
  3. Recommend this page as a resource for your favorite blogger, editor or writer
  4. Write a blog post, or share this page on your favorite forums
  5. Use the sharing buttons above to send the message to your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and more
  6. Want to see an example? Here’s how Hamilton Elementary spread the word in their e-mail newsletter!

Additional Resources

Read more about the 5 steps & watch a video here.

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