Wednesday, September 17

I am such a blog geek

My “normal” morning routine is to check my work e-mail, check my 3 personal e-mails (don’t ask), and then check my blogs. This morning I was so excited to see that I had a comment on one of my blogs and that every blog I follow had a new post. So I happily settled down with my yogurt, blueberries, and granola to catch up on everyone’s going-ons. As I started reading I started to get all philosophical. It is amazing to me how many ups and downs there are in everyone’s daily lives and how I can “know” so many people that are going through exactly the same things that I am going through or have gone through and that think and feel the same way I think and feel about things. It makes me feel not so lonely here in my away from my friends and comfort zone neck of the woods where I live.

Unfortunately one of the posts that I read was about a husband’s cancer coming back (click on “Not quite what I had planned” on my side bar). I remember a while back my son’s piano teacher telling us that the cancer specialist who is treating her husband told them that something like 30% of the world has cancer. (Don’t quote me on that but I am pretty sure that is what she said) I am starting to see how that can be true. I ‘know” 3 people who currently have cancer and are going through treatment. It really makes me stop and think about why this is. Are there really environmental/life style connections? Is there anything that I can do differently in my own life to prevent myself or my family from getting cancer?

One of my writing gigs has me researching Detox diets. I am really struggling with this assignment because I am not a big believer in alternative medicine and I look at detox dieting as alternative medicine. Given today's news, maybe I need to go back and reread about this detox diet thing, this time with a bit more of an open mind.

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