Tuesday, September 2

I posted today!

I just found out that one of the articles I wrote (10 Simple things you can do today for a greener tomorrow) was published today! Not too shabby (today is the official re-launch of the magazine). If you click on the (small, barely noticeable) button on the right side bar it will take you straight to “our” page. From there you can either click onto Home or onto the other groups. They really have some great articles! (Soon to be more amazing articles when my wonderful cooking guru friend starts writing for them) The editors are still working on the site but it is looking pretty dang good so far. After reading the posted articles I see that I have a lot to learn and a long way to go (shorter content, less wordy, smaller pics, more pics, etc.) Let me know what you think! Any and all feed-back would be good but positive feed-back would be even better! ;-)

Go Green: Take the stairs instead of the elevator

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