Friday, November 28

Earth Love'n Christmas Paper Review

When it comes to wrapping presents I am possibly the worst gift wrapper there is. It takes me hours to cut, fold, refold, recut, and tape (and tape and tape). The final product ends up looking like my 8 yr old son wrapped it (which I usually tell people he did).

But not this year. This year I have found wrapping paper that can hold up to my lack of wrapping finesse. Earth Love'n Christmas Paper is not only thick and easy to manipulate it also has cut-lines! (Finally I can cut a straight line).

Today I received this really cute Earth Love'n Christmas Reindeer paper and immediately wrapped my nephew's present in it. Within minutes I was done and the outcome was perfect!
In addition to being very cute and extremely easy to use, Earth Love'n Paper is:
  • 100% post-consumer paper (which means that it is made from previously used paper)
  • Processed chlorine free
  • 100% vegetable based ink
  • Made with certified renewable energy by the Green-e organization
  • 100% recyclable
If these facts aren't enough to convince you to buy Earth Love'n Paper then take a look at their Environmental Savings Statement:
Those are definitely some green reasons for purchasing Earth Love'n paper.

I also got to try their Holiday Elegance
and Classic Stripes.

Each of these Christmas papers came with matching gift tags. The gift tags are just as thick, pretty, and recyclable as the paper. The gift tags also have double-sided tape on the back so they are ready to use!
In addition to Christmas wrapping paper, they also sell birthday paper, all occasion paper, baby paper, thank you cards, and note cards.
All Earth Love'n products are made in the U.S.A and lovingly packaged by adults with developmental challenges. Plus every 10 packages/rolls of gift wrap sold Earth Love'n plants 1 tree through our partnership with Trees for the Future.

There are so many feel good reasons for buying your paper products from Earth Love'n (in addition to receiving high quality products) that I don't know why you would consider purchasing from anyone else!


Anonymous said...

Not only are Earth Love'n Gift wrap good for the environment, but I love the designs. My presents look great wrapped in this paper!

Anonymous said...

I hate this time of year when I have to wrap so many gifts, and when I see all the wasted paper after the gifts are open. Sound like Earth Love'n products will alleviate both issues...can't wait to try this giftwrap. And the designs look fun and festive!

kathy said...

oooh ... i love those reindeer!

Over Coffee said...


Thanks for stopping by. I really like the reindeer paper too. It is very cute!

Anonymous #2: Thanks for stopping by too. I can't say enough about this company. They are really making a difference. The paper is durable enough to be reused too!

Anonymous #1: Thanks for stopping by too. I am glad to hear that you like this baby too. I want to get some of the non Christmas paper.

Anonymous said...

In a country that produces so much crap (in China) with near total disregard for aesthetics, functionality, or the environment, the folks at Earth Love'n Paper Products have achieved nothing short of a miracle: an ecofriendly, functional (it is heavy duty and has cutting lines to boot), and very pretty holiday wrapping paper. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to support a company like Earth Love'n Paper that gives back to the communitee by employing adults with developmental challenges! Plus, it's eco-friendly...what more could you ask?

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to have an ecologically responsible gift wrap available that is "made in America". The designs are beautiful and the paper is of a sturdy weight, with cut lines to make wrapping even easier. This is a company that I enjoy supporting!

kleinh said...

I have used this paper many times, and while I feel really good making an environmentally friendly purchase, I really like how cute and vibrant my packages look. Recipients of my gifts have noticed too. I will definitely keep buying this product.