Sunday, May 17

Post from the past: Be An Eco-Consultant in Your Community

Originally posted in Dec but worth another read.

Are you passionate about living a green lifestyle? Would you like to share that passion with others? Consider becoming a local Green Irene Eco-Consultant!

Green Irene Eco-Consultants are independent business
people who distribute eco-consulting services and green products.

Green Irene is a Direct Sales company that gives you an opportunity to make a part-time or full-time professional income doing something you can be proud of doing.

Here are just a few FAQs For Prospective Eco-Consultants:

  • Training on all services and products is web based (
  • Set hours that fit your lifestyle and can accomodate your clients
  • No Franchise Fees
  • Green Irenes come from many backgrounds; stay at home mothers, people re-entering the workforce, recent college graduates, active seniors, and those looking for a 2nd job
  • Requires a high school degree
  • A healthy curiosity to keep learning in an evolving field
  • Comfortable interacting with a homeowner and going through your consulting plan and explaining your recommendations
  • Friendly & organized with excellent follow-up skills
  • Passionate and interested in creating a healthier world without being a “Preachy Green Person”
  • $150 for the training and business set-up that includes the online training, customized marketing materials in digital form, access to The Ask Green Irene database, access to the BackOffice, your own personal Green Irene ecommerce website and email forwarding
  • $300 for a demo kit that includes a representative group of the Green Irene recommended products
  • During your training you can start selling through your new website and begin earning money to pay for the demo kit!
  • Must have a computer with a high-speed Internet connections as well as a cell phone and transportation
  • Green Irene LLC handles all billing fees to the clients. You receive a monthly check based on collections from your clients for consulting and product sales

For more answers please watch this 5 minute narrated introductory presentation.>

CONTACT Green Irene for more information on this wonder opportunity to become a Green Guru and make a difference in your community.

Being a Green Consultant is one way to make money and make a positive impact in your community!

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