Friday, May 15

3 R Friday

Welcome to 3R Friday
A weekly series of simple tips geared toward helping you darken your shade of green. Easily.

Reduce: Reduce your Fast Food Waste

  • Ask that they don’t put your food in a bag. If you need a bag ask them to combine it into a single bag. Better yet, ask them to put it in your reusable bag. (I have actually done this)
  • Share a drink or skip the drink. I usually just drink water from my Klean Kanteen
  • Have your child drink milk in a recyclable bottle instead of a fountain drink in a disposable cup and skip the straw
  • Say no to kid’s meals. Less bags, less plastic toys, less $.
  • Ask for just enough napkins or no napkins. If you do get more napkins than you need, save them for a later use.
  • Don’t take condiments unless you need them and then only take what you are going to use
  • Get down and go inside instead of letting your car ideal in line
Reuse: Reuse Restaurant Crayons
If you go to a restaurant that gives your child a pack of crayons to use take the crayons with you after your meal is done. Put that pack in your purse and bring it with you the next you eat out.
Better yet, bring your own crayons, coloring page, or other form of entertainment for your child and tell the hostess “no thanks” when she offers your child crayons and a coloring page.

Recycle: Recycle Crayons
Send bits, pieces, stubs, broken, used, & unwanted crayons to the National Crayon Recycling Program and they will melt them down and create new fun shaped crayons called Crazy Crayons

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