Thursday, December 18

Being Thrifty & Green

For the first time I am participating in Thrifty Thursday: Living on the Cheap - With Mr. Linky

What I have found is, more times than not, going green and being frugal/saving money/ shopping smartly go hand in hand! So I thought... what the heck, why not have a combo post.

So here is my thrifty idea for this week: Consignment store shopping!

  • Red velvet dress with matching red velvet drawstring purse: $10
  • Black patent leather shoes: $5
  • Total cost of my daughter's very cute Christmas outfit: $15
  • The amount I actually paid for my daughter's cute Christmas outfit: $0 (you can’t get much thriftier than that)

The consignment store where I shop gives in store credit for all items that you "donate" which are then purchased by other customers. I had $16 in store credit which I used to "buy" the above pictured outfit.

So in reality I spent $0 on my daughter's Christmas outfit.

Consignment store shopping has quickly become my new favorite way to Reduce and Reuse.

Since kids outgrow clothes so quickly they really don't get a chance to wear them out before they don't fit into them anymore. This means that you can easily buy used clothes that look brand new!

I have found that Consignment Stores are especially great places to purchase seasonal outfits like snow pants, rain boots, swimsuits, snow jackets, Halloween costumes, and Christmas dresses! If kids are only going to wear these things once or twice why buy new?

Consignment store shopping is not only a great thrifty way to shop it is also great green way to shop…. showing that they can go hand in hand.

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