Monday, December 15's annual list of the ten best eco-conscious holiday gifts is a San Francisco based company that is on a mission to green the world, one home at a time.

Their online superstore is filled with environmentally friendly products of all kinds, perhaps even the perfect Christmas present you may still be looking for...

Annually, releases a list of what they consider the ten best eco-conscious holiday gifts. I thought that I would share that list with all of you!

Green Home's Top Ten Holiday Gifts:

  1. Plantable Journal ($25.00) – Beautiful paper has flower seeds in it! Plant it when done.

  2. Organic Cotton Stuffed Animals ($12.00) – Adorable, safe, and 100% natural.

  3. Xeko Adventure Game ($32.50) – Eco-friendly, totally green, and fun for the whole family.

  4. Organic Cotton Blankets (from $55.00) – Snuggly, warm and sustainably made.

  5. Beeswax Candles (from $20.00) – Gorgeous, long lasting, smells great, no petroleum!

  6. Reusable Mug ($12.00) – Get a colored mug that fits your personality! No more paper cups!

  7. Unique Ginger Body Lotion ($18.00) – Soothe your skin with the best all natural lotion.

  8. Radio Flyer ($150.00) – Unique take on a classic: 100% recycled, durable, wagon for kids.

  9. Monkey Sock Puppets ($20.00) – Designed and made from organic cotton crew socks.

  10. Earthopoly ($24.00) – A fun game about sustainability made from recycled materials!

May I suggest wrapping those gifts in Earth love'n paper or reusable gift bags.

Happy Eco-Friendly Holidays!

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