Monday, December 29

Target's Response

Within hours of receiving my letter requesting a reusable bag credit, Target sent me this response:

Dear Lena,
We appreciate hearing your interest in recycling services at our stores. Currently, we have recycling services available at all stores in California, Maine and Rhode Island. I'm sorry to hear we don't offer a recycling program at your local store.

Your comments are a big help to us and I've shared them with our Store Operations team. In the meantime, I'd like to take this opportunity to share some more information with you about our shopping bags. For example, did you know Target shopping bags are made with environmentally friendly soy and water-based ink?

Our plastic shopping bags have codes printed on them to help make recycling easier for you. The codes may vary based on the size of bag, ink used and other factors. You can also bring back previously used bags for new purchases at our stores. If you'd like to reuse your Target shopping bags, just let the cashier know during your checkout.

Because local regulations and services can vary greatly, you might need to do a little checking to find out how and where to recycle the bags in your community. Right now, we're exploring even more states where we can offer a bag recycling service.

For the most current details about all Target does for our environment, please visit:
Target Guest Relations

I was very impressed with their personalized response. I was also happy to hear that Target stores in other states already give bag credits. Hopefully this letter will help get bag credits to my state.

I do have to say that Target does carry a lot of organic, eco-friendly products. They are the only store in my area that carry all of the Method product line, as well as soy candles, organic foods, CA baby products, and many others. and they are all reasonably priced.


Lisa Sharp said...

That's awesome! Target has a way to go but they are doing so much better than other big box stores!! I love there brand of organic food!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

I thought so too.

There is not a super Target close to us so I have not tried their food items. Next time I am at one of the bigger Target’s I will have to look to see it they carry any of their organic items.