Saturday, December 27

Uses for used coffee grounds

A while back I stopped at Starbucks (something I admit that I do at least once a week) when I noticed they were giving away bags of their used coffee grounds. (I can't believe I never noticed this before)

The sign said, “Free. For your garden or to keep kitties out of your garden.”

We have a huge problem with the neighborhood cats pooping in our yard! I researched “humane” ways to keep them out and learned that used coffee grounds are supposed to do the trick.

I started saving my coffee grounds (which I should have already been doing for composting reasons but that is another story) and started spreading them in our “problem” areas. It seemed to being doing the trick.

There was a problem though, I can only drink so much coffee (for my sake and the sake of those around me) so the process has been slow going.

Until now.

Now on my weekly stop at Starbucks I pick up a Latte and a couple bags of kitty-poo-be-gone. I have been able to spread coffee grounds around the parameter of our yard. I have also spread them around the plants and put some in the compost piles. It has worked wonders!

It turns out that there are many uses for used coffee grounds. A quick Google search taught me that people use coffee grounds for face masks, ant repellent, drain cleaner, plant fertilizer, deodorizers, and cat-poo deterrent.

Who knew that there were so many things to do with used coffee grounds!

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