Wednesday, January 7

Reusing Dryer Sheets Post Follow-Up

Yesterday my article: Using Dryer Sheets as Pillow Stuffing posted on I received some "not so nice" comments concerning the post. Comments which made me feel like I needed to elaborate a bit.

Before my husband and I made a conscious decision to “go green” we had picked up a 4 ton pack of dryer sheets at Costco and I just couldn't see not using them. We hang dry a lot of our clothes but there are still plenty of items that go into the dryer (along with a dryer sheet).

We have used dryer sheets for years and even though they are not eco-friendly I don't believe that they are toxic. (my own personal belief)

Instead of throwing out the used dryer sheets, I started collecting them and over the past year collected enough to stuff a small pillow with.

Actually, my daughter was the one who made the pillow (left-over from last year's pillow making frenzy); she tied and stuffed with very little help from me.

After a few days of her laying on it the pillow did go a little flat but hey, we have a whole year to gather more dryer sheets for restuffing. By then we might have even used up all the Costco dryer sheets and can switch to the more eco-friendly Nellie Balls

The way I look at it is; I am reusing material that would otherwise go into the landfill, I am not purchasing more materials (pillow stuffing), and am giving others ideas on how to do the same.

I understand those that have strong feelings about toxins but I don' believe that gives them the right to be judgemental. I admit that I am new to green, that I am still learning what it means to be green, & that I am making baby steps to change things in my life. I also know that it is a process for me and one that will take time.

Remember, every shade of green matters....


Lisa Sharp said...

I can see both sides of this. Yes you don't want it to go to the landfill but yes if they are not the non-toxic kind you are putting a lot of chemicals in your clothes and pillows.

I know you don't want to just throw out the non eco-friendly dryer sheets, how about donating them to someone that is not going to go green? If they are going to buy them anyway you aren't doing harm.

Ruthann Cordova-Moss said...

I don't use dryer sheets, as I heard that it clogs your dryer vent and can cause fires. A friend had a dryer fire, thank God she was home, as she lets her dryer run when she is not home, another thing I stopped doing. But the fireman that put out the fire told her the cause was the lint on the screen and the dryer sheets leave a film that is flamable. He recommended using Downy or other liquid softners. But I thought the dryer sheet pillow was a good idea. How about the lint from the dryer. Joy, my co-worker told me that her sister that is a girl scout leader, used it to start fires at thier camps. It works. We have a fireplace. But wonder if it would be good for the stuffing of pillows. I will try it and let you know. Thanks for the hint. I WANT a clothes line. I love hanging out my laundry. All of my laundry. I use to do it all the time and miss doing it now.