Friday, January 9

California baby shampoo and body wash review

One of the first items that I replaced when I made a conscience decision to green up my lifestyle was my daughter’s shampoo.

I had heard of California baby products before but had never tried them. My local Target store carried a few of their products, including the super sensitive shampoo and body wash, which made it really easy for me to try.

The first thing that I noticed was that the shampoo did not suds up the way her other shampoo did. This actually took a while for me to get use to because the amount of suds was how I use to judge if I was using enough shampoo. Now that I am use to this feature it does not bother me.

CA Baby explains that with their concentrated biodegradable products: a little goes a long way... the low-foaming cleansers are naturally tear-free, 31% more concentrated, & contain more organic aloe vera to soothe sensitive skin and soap bark to help keep scalp healthy! Sounds great to me.

All California baby products :
  • Contain organic and sustainably grown ingredients
  • Don't contain fragrance, scent masking agents, clear formula chemicals, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or DEA
  • Are non-irritating, non-chemical formula, and non-stripping of natural oils

All resons that I feel good using this shampoo on my daughter's hair!

California baby has also made a commitement to Green Packaging. Commitements such as:

  • Minimal packaging (no boxes or clamshells)
  • HDPE #2 is the easiest plastic for consumers to recycle
  • Recycled paper and soy inks for product info tags and literature
  • Biodegradable packing peanuts

I really admirable companies that green up all aspects of thier business!

The California baby website currently has numerous items on sale. I recommend checking out their website or visiting your local Target store.


Christina said...

I'm really working on getting all the chemicals out of my house...cleaners, personal hygiene, etc. I'll see if my local Target carries this brand. Thanks!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

You’re welcome! I am trying to do the same; it is a slow and steady process. I really do like this product and feel very comfortable recommending it. I am actually quite surprised at how long our bottle has lasted so I think it is well worth the extra price you pay. Thanks for stopping by and let me know if your local Target carries it!

Anonymous said...


It was so great to come across your blog and find others who are making the change not only to green products but to also take out the harmful chemicals that are in so many things we use. I have been an avid user of Do No Harm products for some time,and thought your moms may be interested in this brand for their children and family. The company is not only environmentally friendly & green, but they also donate a sizeable amount from the sale of each product to humanitarian aid & helping children around the world. If this is something that may be of interest to you and your moms, please have a look at my website
I look forward to following your blog.


Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thank you Gillian! I am glad that you found my blog and that you are enjoying reading it!

Your products & company sound great. They sound exactly like what I am interested in. I tried going to the website you suggested but I received an error message. Can you let me know if this is the correct address?

Thanks again for reading!

Lilith Silvermane said...

Great product.

Did you read Gorgeously Green? I LOVE that book and it gave a ton of ways to use products in your beauty regime to help lessin' the toxins in our environment and on our bodies!

I had no idea that the larger chains were carrying the items!

Thanks for the heads up!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Your welcome! I was pretty happy to find that Target is starting to carry quite a few of these kinds of products.
I haven’t read that book yet it sounds like a good one. Thanks for the suggestion.

dreamingmama said...

I love the California Baby Bodywash/Shampoo! I too replaced our shampoo with the CB. My hair is so much healthier now then with conventional ones and my daughter loves it too.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

I did not think to try it on my own hair, duh! I will have to do that. Thanks for the comment.