Thursday, January 22

Thrifty and Green Thursday

One of the blogs that I visit regularly is Thrifty Jinxy.

On Thursday she has a fun interactive post called "Thrifty Thursday: Living on the Cheap." This is where she asks her readers to blog about thrifty tips they may have. I decided to incorporate this fun activity into my blog and add a green twist to it.

Here is my
Coupons for organic food

Many times the best place to find coupons for the organic food you buy is directly from the manufacturer. Sometimes you need to sign up before you can print the coupons but it is worth it. The coupons are usually for at least $1 off plus the websites are chalked full of great information!

Horizon organic has $1 off their milk. There coupons change regularly.

Stonyfield Farms: I usually put a Yo Kids yogurt in my daughter's lunch so this site saves me lots of $.

Organic Valley has $1 off coupons for milk, cheese, and sour cream

Organic Coupons is a site that has LOTS of coupons for all kinds of things from food to health and beauty to electronics.

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