Thursday, January 15

Thrifty & Green Thursday

One of the blogs that I visit regularly is Thrifty Jinxy.

On Thursday she has a fun interactive post called "Thrifty Thursday: Living on the Cheap." This is where she asks her readers to blog about thrifty tips they may have. I decided to incorporate this fun activity into my blog and add a green twist to it.

What I have found is that many times being green and being thrifty go hand-in-hand. So here is my

Take a trip to the library instead of the bookstore.

Kids grow so fast and so do their reading levels. Checking out books from the library rather than buying them saves $, saves resources, & introduces your children to a wider variety of authors.

Going to the library can also be a fun family outing. My kids love looking through all the books & plopping down on the floor and reading some there. This gives me a chance to browse through the grown up section and pick out a couple of books for myself.

One of the favorite items that my children love to check out is books on tape. You can save quite a bit of $ by checking these out from the library rather than buying them. Books on tapes are great for listening to at home and in the car (especially on long trips!)

Our local library also has DVDs, Videos, CD, and Leap Frog games that can be checked out. (Multiple ways to save $ and resources)

And just when I have had my fill of a particular story, it is time to return it and check out more.

Don’t forget to take a reusable bag along with you to lug all those great items home from the library.

Go Green: Donate your used books to day cares, doctor offices, schools, churches, family, & friends.

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Nicole Feliciano said...

I love the tip about the library. It is a great resource.