Thursday, February 5

Yaa Costco

This past weekend my husband went shopping at Costco and I was very happy with his purchases:

  • Organic tortilla chips: (For the super bowl party and a very yummy snack!)
  • Organic raisins: (To put in the kiddos morning oatmeal)
  • Organic apple juice: (To take to my daughter’s preschool Valentine’s Day party)
  • Method Refill: (A very large container of hand soap to refill all our small soap dispensers with. I am totally addicted to Method products!)

I was also excited to see that Costco had switched to regular (recyclable) paper for their coupons. No more of those glossy coated unrecyclable coupon fliers.

It is great to see a big retail store like Costco making these kinds of environmentally friendly changes.

I am hoping that by purchasing these products I will show Costco that eco-friendly products are wanted by consumers which in turn will keep such items on the shelves and maybe even lower the prices, increase the variety offered, and encourage other big retail stores to do the same!

Go Green: Purchase organic locally grown items whenever possible.


Willo said...

We don't have Costco but my mom always brings me a big salad, hummus, tortilla chips, and veggie patties.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thanks for stopping by Willo! Does Sam's club have the same kinds of thnigs as Costco? You have to forgive this west coaster. ;-)