Friday, February 6

3 R Friday

Welcome to a new series here on Over Coffee –the green edition called 3 R Friday.

When I started this blog my intention was to share the simple ways I have found to darken my shade of green. In hopes of staying on track with that intention I am starting this series.

My goal is to share one simple way for you to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (the 3 Rs, not very original but it is to the point). Since this is the first post in the series it might be a little rough around the edges so please bare with me.

Feel free to add your own 3 Rs. I am always looking for new ways to darken my shade of green. I am also looking for the perfect icon to use for this series so if you have any ideas for that please share them with me.

Now on with the tips.

Reduce: Reduce your catalog waste by signing up with the free service called Catalog Choice. They have hundred of companies on their list for you to choose from. Just click the ones you don't want to receive anymore and they do the rest. Within one week of signing up, my mailbox was free of catalogs!

Reuse: When you receive a gift bag save it and reuse it. I seriously have not bought a gift bag in about 10 years. I have a huge bag filled with gift bags from every occasion; baby shower, birthday parties, Christmas, Easter,etc. You name it I have a bag for it.

Recycle: Have an item that you are thinking of discarding? Before you throw it away, go to to see if you can find a recycling location near you that will recycle your item. You might be surprised by what you can recycle.

What are your 3 Rs?


Willo said...

How about Read: educate yourself so you make informed decisions, reccomend: good products to others, relax: in knowing you have done your best to be "greener"

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

What a great suggestion Willo! Afterall, that is how I learn. thanks for the input.